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IT SALARIES IN ROMANIA – ”The Romanian Paradise”

It seems that in Romania, the IT field  is the only one without unemployed. Because of that, and because of the highest salaries, this field it’s also called ”the romanian paradise”.  Foreigns say that people who works in computer science, … Continue reading

About hosting, or web site hosting, web hosting, webhosting

All the above names refer to the same thing and bear the same description. As a rough definition of hosting, we could try “the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more web sites” or the “service provided … Continue reading

IT market skills

Over the last years, the IT domain has known a rapidly development. The new technologies require new skills and new specializations appear on a daily basis. Thus the IT professionals need to be updated with the new innovations if they … Continue reading

Top IT developers / programmers skills in Romania: education and experience

The IT development job market in Romania covers a broad range of skills/technologies. A critical skill in IT is mastering a foreign language, especially english, but, in some cases, french or german are required. One of the latest trends is … Continue reading

Where can we find cloud computing specialists

  Cloud computing refers to computing services based on the Internet “cloud” of connectivity nodes.   The user of cloud computing services has access to applications and data without knowing where or on what kind of systems they are located. … Continue reading

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