Oil and gas market in Romania over 150 years

The oil and gas industry is an important part of the Romanian Economy and has a history of 156 years.
The first oil refinery in the world was built in Romania at Ploiesti in 1856. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ploie%C8%99ti
Romanian oil and gas engineers are highly qualified. The Oil and Gas University of Ploiesti is among the top institutions in this field.

Oil and gas engineering

The oil gas industry registered the highest salaries in the economy starting (4.325 RON) in May 2012.
This industry employs workers and engineers in various domains of expertise, like:
- mechanical engineering
- chemical engineering
- electrical engineering
- civil engineering

Oil and gas resources

The most important successful onshore explorations were:
- one performed in 2003 at Sighisoara by the national natural gas producer Romgaz and the german company Wintersahll AG
- another one performed at Torcesti, near Tecuci, by the romanian company Petrom

In the Black Sea, there are two important recent oil and gas discoveries:
- 50 bil mc of natural gas and 278 mil of oil, estimated in 2009 in the perimeters owned by the british company Sterling Resources
- 42-84 bil mc of natural gas in the perimeter of Petrom and ExxonMobil

Extraction and processing

Romania has 10 refineries and 7 marine platforms (5 in the Black Sea and 2 in the Gulf of Persia).
The oil production evolved on a slowly decreasing slope between 1997 and 2010 (from 6.501 to 4.300 thousands of tons).
An important amount of oil and gas resources are imported from the Russian Federation.
The recent explorations in the Romanian sector of the Black Sea will bring cheaper resources to the local market in the following years.


Another external source is expected to be the Nabucco pipe, which would also bring bussiness opportunities for the oil and gas processing industry.


Market segments

The biggest players in the oil market, sorted by their turnover in 2010 (in mil EUR), are:
- Petrom (3.332,1)
- Rompetrol refinery (1.690,2)
- Rompetrol downstream (1.461,3)
- Retrotel, Lukoil (1.190,4)
- Lukoil Romania (1.086,4)

In the natural gas market, the players are:
- Petrom (3.322,1)
- GDF Suez Romania (896,1)
- Romgaz (851)
- E.ON Gaz Romania (587,5)
- Transgaz (282,7)

Market size
Romania consumed annually 3 mil tons of gasoline and 4 mil tons of diesel, as estimated in 2007.


Natural gases are 40% of the energy source of Romania.
The natural gas market was, in 2006, above 4 bil EUR.


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