Top IT multinational companies in Romania for over 22 years

This article includes: history In Romania, total employees, the technologies used and the solutions developed.

1. Oracle has been around since 2002 and has over 1000 employees. It delivers database servers, application servers, development tools, custom business applications and others. It uses Java, SQL and other technologies and can interoperate with all other major technologies.

2. IBM is present in Romania since 1991. It has over 800 employees. The company offers solutions for a very wide range of domains: finance, health, government, automotive, telecommunications, education.

3. Endava was established in Romania in 1997 and reached around 800-1000 employees. Development of applications for financial services, telecommunications, media & entertainment and professional services sectors. Uses Java, SQL and Oracle technologies.

4. Ubisoft arrived in 1992. It has 700-1000 employees. Company delivers interactive entertainment products using C++, Informatica, .NET and Microsoft technologies.

5. Present from 2000 and counting 700-1000 employees, Gameloft publishes digital and social games, using C++, .NET, Microsoft, Flash and PHP technologies.

6. Luxoft Professional Romania incorporates the telecommunications software company ITC networks founded in 2000 and also provides outsourcing/nearshoring services. It has 500-1000 employes. The technologies used are C/C++, Java and others.

7. Electronic Arts is here from 2005. It has 250-500 employees making software games using C++, Java, Flash and other technologies.

8. SIEMENS Program and System Engineering was established in 2001. It offers solutions in the areas of information technology, telecommunications and company management, using JEE and other technologies. It has 250-500 employees.

9. Lynsgoe systems provides logistics solutions for monitoring and automating processes in complex logistics chain environments. It arrived in 2006, has 200-500 employees using many different technologies.

10. Misys provides banking, treasury, trading and risk solutions. Present since 2006, it has 250-500 employees using C++, Java, Microsoft technologies and others.

11. Freescale Semiconductor provides embedded processing solutions. It is present in Romania since 1997 and has 250-500 employees. The software is written in C/C++ and Java.

12. Established in 1994 in Romania, Ixia delivers testing equipment for telecommunications. The software is developed using C/C++, .NET, Java and other technologies. It has 100-250 employees.

13. Founded in 2000, Adobe Romania has over 250 employees working on products and services for enhanced web development and consumption. They are using C++, Java, web services.

14. Saguaro Technology develops and tests software for Color Imaging, Semiconductor Fabrication Robotics, and High-Speed Complex Document Processing and Finishing applications using C/C++/C#. It was established in 1999 and has 250-500 employees.

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