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This review
of the Romanian IT market considers the hardware goods market, the software and
the telecom.


The IT
segment had the biggest increase (25%) among the long term usage goods markets
in 2011, according to a study of GFK Temax Romania.

Laptops represented
more than half of the sales.

Tablets, a
new and attractive product, also registered high increase rates.

phones sales increased with 17.8%, among which 25% were smartphones.

electronics segment increased with 8.6% thanks to continuous promotions and the
low market penetration of the products.

The photo
market was 17.4% bigger, especially in compact camera and DSL camera segments.


The telecom
market in Romania and,
generally, in East Europe a lot smaller than
in western countries.

As a
consequence, this segment that is growing globally with 2-3% per year has big
evolution opportunities in this region.


services are the biggest segment in the Romanian IT market.

are still focusing on core business instead of IT, keeping their investments
mostly in the support and maintenance areas, but more and more companies are
migrating to cloud computing, cutting down their expenses.

There are
three major global trends: cloud and Software as a Service, B-2-B (business to
business) Applications and mobility. Romania is starting to follow these


The Romanian
economy is facing the development of new business models and specialization of


However, the
local software market is still behind the Western market.

Romanian software
companies are rather focusing on exporting their services.

The top
local software exporters are Totalsoft, Siveco, Gecad Technologies/Axigen and
Avangate, BitDefender, Vector Software.


The IT
outsourcing is a very large segment (around 60%) of the Romanian IT industry.


Romania, as the most of the Eastern
Europe, has some key advantages regarding IT outsourcing and
software development:

- low costs
(comparable with the costs of Chinese IT outsourcing services)

- low taxes
that encourage the IT industry

- new
economical/business models, that push the diversification and specialization of

- skilled


Although the
perspectives of evolution for East Europe IT market is mostly optimistic, the
recent studies  place Romanian IT market
in a downward perspective for 2012.

But on mid
term (2015-2016), if Romanian economical climate is getting better, the
expectations for the IT market are favorable.

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