IT SALARIES IN ROMANIA – ”The Romanian Paradise”

It seems that in Romania, the IT field  is the only one without unemployed. Because of that, and because of the highest salaries, this field it’s also called ”the romanian paradise”.  Foreigns say that people who works in computer science, educated in our country, are “the best product” we have so they offer them jobs with very attractive salaries.


According to Forbes magazine, our country has nearly 64,000 specialists in technology , the highest number of employees in IT per capita in all Europe. In addition to well-trained programmers, companies which are investing in the field benefit from state support.


In the last years, Romania has become a pole, a technology hub, so that wages have followed an ascending trend, acording to the statistics.


Employees in the IT field have among the highest salaries in the country. On average, a beginner receives a salary of 500 euro per month, while a head manager could earn even 6000 euro per month. According to the National Institute of Statistics, the avarage salary of an IT employee was 1000 euro at the end of last year.


Average IT salaries increase substantially with the number of years spent by employees on the labor market, so that a developer with experience – three to five years –  may even earn 1800 euro per month and one that works over five years in this area may earn 3000 euro per month.

The salaries earned in the Software Development area:
• Junior Developer – 700 euro – 1000 euro per month

• Software Engineer (3-4 years experience) – 1000 euro – 1800 euro per month

• Senior Software Engineer (4-6 years experience) – 1800 euro – 2200 euro per month

• Project Manager – 1800 euro – 2200 euro per month

• Head of Department of Software Development – 2200 euro – 3000 euro per month

The salaries earnd by the employees of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises:
• Junior Developer – 800 euro – 1000 euro per month

• Software Engineer (3-4 years experience) – 1700 euro – 2000 euro

• Project Manager (usually depends on the type of project) – 1800 euro – 2000 euro

• Help Desk (maximum 2 years experience) – from 500 euro

• Help desk (3-4 years experience) – from 800 euro

• Software Development Tester – from 800 euro

• Network Administrator (4-6 years experience) – 1500 euro – 2000 euro

• IT Manager – 1500 euro – 2500 euro

• Network Administrator specialized in CISCO and CCIE certifficate – aprox. 3000 euro


A research made by Manpower Craiova relieved that even the salaries earned, for example, in the South of the country are smaller that the ones earned in Bucharest, those salaries are much more bigger than the ones offerd in other industries.









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